famous russain tgirl shemale model stas fedyanin

Stas Fedyanin – Russian Model Babe

Meet Stanyslas Fedyanin, a 16-year-old guy from Moscow, Russia, who has gained notoriety for his very successful career as an international female body. Stas, as he likes to be called, says he is heterosexual, and even has a girlfriend, he just has an androgynous figure that makes him perfect for female modeling. There are definitely people…

unnamed barbie brunette tgirl selfie

Brunette Barbie TS Selfies

This dreamgirl fresh out of the pages of Barbie is seen here taking a quick selfie.  She has nice fake breasts and her nails, hair, makeup and body are on point!  This is the kind of t-girl that every adventurous man wants, neigh, needs in his arms.  Simply fabulous!  (If you know her name please…

tgirl models lingerie transgender blonde

Blonde TGirl Poses in Lingerie

That tuck though! Check out this beautiful hardbodied trans-girl and that magnificent tuck!  She pulls off both the blonde and the lingerie with magiclicious tuck!  if you know her name, please comment and I’ll get it added.  Thank the world for yet another beautiful transgender model.

asian ladyboy ts newhalf japanese thai

Petite, Asian TS Model

I randomly found this on Pinterest and just thought she was absolutely beautiful.  In a comment someone mentioned the asian transgender model’s name as HANI9, but I cannot verify that.  Regardless, part of the purpose of this blog is to show the world how beautiful transsexual models can be, regardless of their place in life….

Kim Petras german popstar transgender transsexual

Kim Petras, German Pop Singer

Kim Petras is a German singer/songwriter who creates electronic dance pop music and various covers in an a cappella style. She has been the subject of extensive international news media reporting of her gender transition medical history in the context of her young age of 16 years. (Source: Tumblr) The above video is an extensive interview…